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Hannah has always been a creative. She has a love of all things hair and a handful of different styles. Whether you’ve seen her as your stylist or just simply shared a cup of coffee you know her mind wanders.
Hannah simply found her craft in the hair and beauty industry in 2015 by accident, she never knew what and where she was going to go but hair let her be creative and also gives her the chance to travel and experience new people and places.

Hannah is a Freelance Creative in all things hair, specialising in lived-in colours, with experience in up scales salons, weddings and editorial. Her background in hairstyling and freelance inform her mindful but creative approach. Hannah is fuelled by her passion for understanding the nuances of style and professionalism. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build in her education in colour and cutting techniques and stay in tune with the latest trends in hair today.  

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